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                Do the Best

                 M209x HF Reader
                • Nxp Reader IC
                • Support ISO14443A/B ISO15693 ISO7816
                • RS232/USB Interface
                • Support most of the 13.56MHz cards
                 M5xx SAM/SIM Reader
                • Support ISO7816
                • Support PSAM/ESAM/ISAM 9600/38400/115200
                • Support 2/4/6 SAM modules
                • Support T=0/T=1 SAM modules
                 RW163XX/RW202XX/RW210XX/RW208XX/RW301x... 125K/13.56M/2.4g READERS
                RFID Modules
                      More antennas
                UP to 16pcs one board











                AddressRoom No.1004D, Beijing Trade Center, No.78,TongHu Street, TongZhou District, Beijing,101100,P.R.China


                Beijing YuanZhiKeXin Electronics Co.Ltd(shortened for"YuanZhi")located in Room No.1004D, Beijing Trade Center,No.78,TongHu Street,TongZhou District,Beijing,101100,P.R.China , specializing in the R&D, sales, services for the smart cards Read/Write modules and devices, system software for the RFID products.

                YuanZhi has a lot of experience for the RFID technology, and till now,YuanZhi has already developed a lot of products,which can meet the standard of 125K,ISO14443 Type A, ISO14443 Type B, ISO15693,ISO7816 etc.and these moudles or readers can operate most of the popular cards,like EM4001/4100,TK4001/4100,Mifare one S50, S70, FM11RF08, Ultralight, Ntag203, Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216, Desfire EV1 D21,D41,D81,ISO14443 type A/type B T=CL CPU card, SR176, SRI512, SRI4K,I CODE SL1 SL2,HF Tagit,SAM9600,SAM38400,SAM115200 etc. Now most of the products are widely used in the fields of finance,traffic,industrial,etc..


                Highlight Products

                Product list

                125K LF Modules


                13.56M HF Moudles


                SAM/SIM Modules


                125K LF Readers


                13.56M HF Readers




                2.4g Readers